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Before Using. thoroughly check the product and accessories (if provided) the same operation shall be carried out after cleaning. if the light is intermittent or in case it dose not turn on,check the bulb,the batteries and the electric case the lamp stops working,it is possible to replace it with orignal spare lamp(see detailed accessories) to replace the lamp, follow lamp replacement instructions see flg.3 also.

A) Cleaning and Sterilization:

i) lens.

The lens can be cleaned by using a moistened cotton-tipped applicator with Alcohol or a solution of water with mild detergent.

(Note) Do not use abrasive materials to clean the lenses as they will scratch the coated surface of the lenses.

ii) Handle.

handle can be cleaned with a moist cloth. battery handle shell not be dipped intro water. Remove battery components while cleaning. Periodlcally check the battery condition,making sure they no sign of corrosion or oxidation is present, in case they have to be replaced , it is highly recommended to use new alkaline ones.For battery replacement see flg.2.

B) Lamp Replacement:

Before removing the bulb,make sure that the instrument has been turned off for some minutes otherwise you run the risk being burnt.

Remove ( Unscrew ) Ophthalmoscope head as advised in operating procedure (see flg.2 )
For bayonet Opthaimoscope grasp the end of lamp "l" And Pullout (use nailfile or simllar object if necessary ( See flg.3)
For screw locking system remove the lamp holder "5" by turning screw "3" then by placing the thumb on holder, unscrew the lamp "2" from holder.
For bayonet insert replacement lamp by carfully aligning pin on lamp shaft with slot on ophthalmoscope hear.Push the lamp until firmly Seated.
For screw lock, insert replacement lamp by screwing clockwise until lamp seated well.
C) Battery Replacement Procedure:

In case of necessity replacement of new batteries then carefully handle the battries as the liquid in a leaking battry can ieeitate skin and eyes. While replacing batteries it is necessary to use exclusive alkaline type batteries.

Open the battery compartment , by turning the bottom cam "7" counter clock wise.
B) Once opened insert the batteries paying attention to the direction of poles (see flg.2)
C) To close the battery compartment,screw down the cap "7"clock wise and check that the batteries are in contact with poles.
D) Storage:
Since the product is made of corrosion-proof materials suitable for environment conditions foreseen for its normal use. it dose not require special care.However it is necessary to store it is a closed place making sure that is protected from dust and dirt to assure its hyfienic properties. Store in clean environment and preserve in normal temperature.


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